My Bucket/Travel List

We’ve all heard about bucket lists. Most of us have probably written one in the past, but have long forgot about it. I have written multiple,but alas, have no idea where they are. I even have a pinterest board filled with ideas.

I’ve only been out of the country once and plan to leave again in the future. I am planning on going to Australia for my make a wish, if they accept it of course. I also want to travel to London.

If you are wondering about some awesome places to go or add to your bucket list, pinterest is your best friend.

Starting off in new zelands south islands, hokitika national park. Its very pretty and you can walk across bridges and the water. Its a great place for taking pictures.

Again, in new zeland, the glowworm caves.

There are multiple things I would love to do in new zeland, but moving on to London. The cafe of umbrellas, pretty self explanatory. A cafe. FULL OF UMBRELLAS.

Now on the not so travel side, that probably costs less money and is more reasonable. I would love to go in a hot air balloon. Ever since my sister and I were younger we’ve always wanted to go up in an air balloon.

Letting go of a floating latern, watching a sun set for a roof, and spending a night in a treehouse are also on my list.

I’m sure many of you have heard of the sky deck in Chicago. My friend went up there and it took a long line and more than enough waiting. The sky deck is located in the sears/Willis tower, which has an area of glass flooring that you can stand on. Pretty good for pictures if you ask me.

Los Angeles has a similar thing. A glass slide called skyspace, located 1000 feet above los angeles, california.

I would also love to see the northern lights. The only problem is its during a specific time and even then its a big if.

Now this isnt all I want to do, I want to float in the dead sea, go zip lining some more, have a vacation with friends, and other stuff, but I can’t remember half of it so this is what I have so far.

That’s all for now,



Bye bye Paris!

Today is the day we’re leaving Paris. I’m happy to go home, see my dog, swim, sleep in my own bed. The airport here is hugeeee. I’ve already gone through customs, security, and baggage check. Our flight boards at 9:42 so in around an hour and a half.

I bet I’m going to miss being in Paris, but I’ll be glad to be home. I’ll probably upload Monday or Tuesday because I want to rest and hang out with my dog and friends.

That’s all for now,


Paris Day 11

We went to a museum called musee la orangerie. It had a lot of monet artwork and information.

This is by monet. I didnt take any other pictures, and some things I couldn’t take pictures of. Afterwards we went and ate at a cafe. We took the metro back. I took some random pictures of brianna and I sitting in tgis spoon chairs.

I dont feel the beat and feel worse today, so we went back to the apartment. I plan on taking a nap or something.

These are the pictures from last night. The Eiffel tower had projections on it for Bastille day. They were practicing I’m guessing. Then we saw the tower sparkle. We bought a small eiffle tower that lights up also.

Tommorow is the day we go home. Yayy I’m ready to see my dog and sleep in my own bed.

Thats all for now,


Paris Day 10

Yay double digits. So today was sort of a chill day. I’m not feeling the best so I slept in and stuff. We went to soc la quer. Doubt I spelt that right. We walked to the top of the some and got ice creame afterwards. We took the trame the way up, and walked back down. Brianna and I bought matching bracelets there that were only around 2 euros each.

Afterward we went back to the apartment and did therapy. The smell really affected brianna and i’s lungs. We went to dinner and were going to go see the Eiffel tower light up.

Thats all for now,


Paris Day 9

So today we went to Versailles. We rented a car for the day and drove around an hour til we reached it. Its a huge palace that has multiple buildings and gardens. First we walked around the main building. It took awhile to figure out where we were supposed to go. The wait to enter into it took around an hour. Luckily we have museum passes that let us go into places for “free”. We had to pay for the passes, but we dont have to pay to go into the other museums seperatlly. Once we were into the palace we walked around til we reached the hall of mirrors which was cool.


nce we, in my dads words “fooled around in there and stuff” we walked outside to the gardens. It was really pretty, but none of the fountains were on. We assume its because of a water shortage or something.


e got ice cream, which was delicious. Then we walked around to the individual buildings. I dont have any pictures of the seperate buildings, but once I get home ill upload some from my camera. Right now were slowly but surely driving back to the apartment. Were going around the arc de triumphe round about. The traffic is ridiculous here. After this trip ill hate stairs and round abouts/traffic even more. Today I walked around 10 miles. Which is the most I’ve walked this whole trip. My feet hurt and I plan on taking a long hot bath tomorrow.
Brianna and I plan on having a pitch perfect marathon on the plane. We leave Sunday by the way. There is all 3 of the movies on the tv on the plane and the plane ride is eight and a half hours long and then we have a delay in ohio. Then its an hour and ten minutes to michigan. Its weird to travel internationally because they serve snacks, the dinner, then breakfast. The food is okay, but that’s expected. I think last time I had a salad. It was also served with cheese and crackers, bread,butter, and some fruit. This post has gotten really random, but do I care? Not really, it just makes this post longer and gives me something to do in the car that doesnt require Wi-Fi. When we first were driving there was this man and he started hitting are car with his cane. Like we had no idea why he just started hitting it a couple times. Lol.
That’s all for now,

Paris-Day #7

Yay, finally at the one week mark. Pretty sure the days are off, but whatever. Today was sort of a rest day, since the past couple of days we’ve been doing a lot. I just kind of chilled. Ate, took a nice warm shower. It was colder in the apartment which is nice. Brianna, my Dad, and I took around a 20 minute walk down to the art store. The art store was nice. I bought a watercolor set, a paintbrush, and a watercolor sketchbook. The watercolor is wax and the sketchbook was cheap. Around 5 euros.You all know what a paintbrush looks like so I won’t include a picture. Tommorow post will be more interesting. We ended up not going to London because it was around 3,000 Euros so that was not going to happen. That’s all for now,Bye.

Paris- Day #6

Today we focused on the bus tour. Its and on and off tour meaning you cam hop on and hop off anywhere. My mom bought us tickets for all day, so weve been going places based off of that. We started off near a bus station close to our neighborhood. We saw a lot of cool buildings along the way including the louvre and stopped at the arc. We went and ate lunch and then went and climbed to the tip top of the arc. I had no idea you could climb it. It was around 300 steps one way. On the way back down we stopped at the gift shop and I bought a black and white print of a view of Paris. It icludes the arc and the tower.

After that we got back on the bus and took it til we reached the eiffle tower. We didnt go in though. We stood and took sone pictures. There was some people taking wedding pictures.

We took the bus around some more and stopped at another place, but it wasnt open. We were going to go to the catacombs, but it was also closed. So now were sitting on the bus, waiting to get off and on to another one to be able to get back to the apartment which is goong to take around an hour. Theres Wi-Fi, its not very good, but it world fine. Tomorrow were going to go to London for the day. Were going to see the crown jewels, go on the London eye, and a couple other things. Were leaving early and getting back late, so the upload to that post might be off. We have to go to the train station and buy tickets still though.

Paris Day #5

Today we did alot. For starters we went to park de butte chaumont. It was this really big park with an island that you could go to that had a structure on it.

Brianna found this one neighborhood that was very colorful so we went there. A decent amount of people were there and there was signs on the windows sayong to not take pictures of that spot. I took a couple pictures but nonw of the hoyses close up.

As we were walking to the notre dame to go up to the top there were a bunch of art stands. Brianna and I bought a lock from someone and of course locked it on one of the bridges.

Yesterday when we went to the notre dame we wanted to walk up to the top, but that area was closed, so today we did it. My dad got this app on his phone for tickets. When we walked up around a fourth of the way, there was a gift shop, I got this small card that said Paris on it. It was a very long walk. There was 422 steps just one way. Then we walked up more and saw the bell tower and, yet more stairs for a even higher view. Then keep in mind you had to walk down. So that was a good exercise. Brianna and I were very sslty after that. I need a shirt that says “Sweating salt is my superpower.”

After that we went and say by the sein and just chilled. Tonight were going to saclaqur or castle on the hill. Ill take pictures ans hopefully remember to upload them tomorrow. Were going to go and eat there and watch the sunset.

Paris-Day #3

So we went to the Eiffel Tower.

We ate there. There was a couple small places where you could eat. There was also a glass floor part, which of course I stood on.

Thats pretty much all we did. We had to stand in a very long line just to get the tickets. We took the elevator though. After that we had to wait for the elevator which took a decent amount of time. We also got some macaroons. We got 8 which was around 15 euros. The veiw was amazing, which is unsurprising.

I now have two achy ankles and knees which is fun, but ill live.

Something I did not mention about yesterday was my anxiety. I always get anxious around and in big crowds,and there was a lot of people in the louvre and I ended up having an anxiety attack. I was breathing heavily, and was a little dizzy,but the dizziness died down a bit after a few minutes. I’m always anxious around alot of people and this was no exception. Usually for anxiety attacks I am really,anxious and dont like to be by people and I usually freak out if someone touches me or something. For more severe ill feel like I’m,hyperventilating which only really had happens once or twice. This one was in between. I wasn’t really hyperventilating more like breathing faster.

Now I can say ive had anxiety attacks all over the world. Yay!