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Hospital Diaries #8

*plays the magical music to disney*

I was woken up to birds chirping and wonderful sunlight casting through my window.


I was woken up to my half hour late respiratory therapist. Fun times, fun times.

My designer bags were packed for a day of hospital fun.

Just look at that enthusiasm.

I got pfts done at 1:30. They were up which is good. My sister and grandma visited. I got pop for tomorrow. Yay caffeine.


That’s all for now,


Hospital Diaries #7

One week down, one more to go.

Right now I’m laying the oh so comfy hospital bed, hooked up to antibiotics and waiting for rt to come in to attach a co2 monitor to me. They were supposed to come in at 10, but guess not.

I did some school today.

Binged watch the office, again. It’s just a continuous thing now. Played a bunch of Minecraft. I’m trying to build a city with walls around it, so I have to do the impossible on Minecraft. Make a circle. So googling grid paper and finding a site exactly for Minecraft circles was a go.

I did okay today with my ‘meal plan.’ Just a lot of nausea.

Tomorrow I have pfts at 1:30.

Now I’m just going to put in some memes as fillers because I don’t know what to write if I’ve just been doing the same thing all day.

That’s all for now,