Hospital Day #7

So a lots been going on the last day or so. Yesterday I had thrown up around 6 times. Dry heaving, that fun stuff. I basil you slept all day yesterday. My heart rate was steady around 125 and my temperature is 100.9. I’m still losing weight and so I feel weak. I did do…


I used a micron 08 pen and found references off of Pinterest.


I couldn’t decide on what to draw for animal which is what 4 was, so I decided to do a forest instead. U see various grey Markers and a 05 micron pen. (Sorry for the crap lighting)

Favorite Place

This Drawing is pretty vague by itself. My favorite place, besides home, is Paris. I drew this with an h Reeves pencil and a 0.7 Sakura 127. Hope you enjoy!


I used chameleon and huhu markers. An 08 micron pen and both posco and a white gel pen.

New Beginnings

I sketched out some ideas and character devolpment. I choose this drawing off a reference from Pinterest’s and thought it was perfect for the first one.