Hospital Day #7

So a lots been going on the last day or so. Yesterday I had thrown up around 6 times. Dry heaving, that fun stuff. I basil you slept all day yesterday. My heart rate was steady around 125 and my temperature is 100.9.

I’m still losing weight and so I feel weak. I did do tube feeds, but used a boost breeze instead of my peptamen. I threw up this morning and continued to dry heave afterward. I got an ultrasound and nothing showed up. I also got tested for celiac and ibs, both negative.

My blood sugar got tested and was normal also. There testing me for c dif and May do a gastric emptying test, which I’m hoping they do. It tests for Gastroparesis.

I’ve been hooked up to I’ve fluids since I haven’t been taking anything in.

I’m planning on doing a marvel movie marathon. Yay.

I don’t really have anything else to say. Thanks for all the support.

That’s all for now,



500 Posts

So many posts… the time I’m uploading it’s more than 500 ports, but you get the idea. I can’t believe I’ve uploaded 500+ posts, I wonder how long I’ve spent on this blog..? πŸ˜‚

Five Feet Apart

Five feet apart is a movie coming out in 2019 about two people with cf. I saw the trailer and my options completely changed about it. Usually yes they dramatize movies and shows, and this is dramatized, but less and more relestic.

Two people with cf fall in love, but they have to be 6 feet apart, they mention this in the trailer. I sort of want to see it since it seems good. I’m happy about it because it spreads awareness.

Basically there’s a girl played by Haley Lu Richardson. She has cf and is always about staying up to speed with it.

Then the other character played by cole sprouse who doesn’t want to do his treatments.

It shows a good difference between patients and for me I’m like the in between of these characters. Sometimes I don’t want to do treatments, but I want to stay up to speed with my health and be on top of it.

I can’t wait for this movie to come out.

That’s all for now,


Happy HalloweenπŸŽƒπŸŽƒπŸŽƒ

It’s that time of year again…

Spooky Season!

The month of cavities and scary movies.

When I was younger and before I moved, my sister and I would always take pictures in front of this one blow up pumpkin in front of our neighbors house. Since then I lived in a city area, I could hand out candy. I remember this one time my dad had taken out the screen door so we wouldn’t have to keep opening and closing it and I walked through the doorway, and these people walked by and screamed I was a ghost.

Now that I moved, I live in more of a country area, so I would always go to my cousins neighborhood or one of my friends and trick or treat. There’s this one house that always goes all out with decorations and hand out king size candy bars. One year my friend, sister, and I just stopped by that neighborhood to go to that house and they let us grab a few of them.

Recently Brianna and I have been trying to watch more horror movies and since Vanessa has seen a LOT of horror movies, which watch then with her. So far we’ve seen the boy, open house, the shinning, the forest, and a quiet place. All good movies.

We plan on watching the conjuring next weekend, so that will be fun. We’re also gong to get a bunch of discount candy from cvs or rite aid.

That’s all for now, and happy Halloween. πŸŽƒπŸŽƒπŸŽƒ

Hospital Diaries #11

Today was a little more eventful than yesterday.

I took a shower. My respiratory therapist wasn’t the best and was an hour and a half late for my 8am treatment. She ended up showing up around 9:30, which was a bit ridiculous. I am most likely still getting discharged on Wednesday so I’m happy about that.

We took another leave on pass. We didn’t exactly leave the hospital, instead my dad brought my dog, Mya, up and we took her on a walk in a trail near the hospital. It was cool. She’s still young and she’s not the best mannered around other dogs and people, but she’s getting better at it. She didn’t bark and try to yank at them so that’s good.

My grandma and cousin came up and visited. My cousin got Brianna and I a large amount of smarties that will most likely last me a month or to considering I already had some.

At 12ish Vanessa came up and visited us. We went on a little walk in search for some Starbucks, but we weren’t successful. We did stop at the vending machines and get some chips.

I supposedly gained two pounds since yesterday, but I didn’t eat lunch and instead ate a load of smarties, so I think it’s just from all the sugar. I mean it’s not a bad thing I gained weight, I just think it’s not useful weight if that makes since.

I, of course, played sims. I’m working on a beach bungalow sort of thing with some items from the new patch update which are based on the Caribbean.

Last night we rented ready player one, which I now my favorite movie just above a quiet place. I highly recommend watching it. Plus for all you artists out there, the graphics are amazing.

I’m nervous to get a gtube. I would already be nervous to get a bronc even though I’ve had one before, but with the gtube I’m even more nervous. It’s like I’ve had 4 piccs before this one, but I’m still nervous before I got my 5th one.

I have a ct and pfts tomorrow, so that’s fun.

That’s all for now,


Hospital Diaries #6

I wasn’t dong the greatest in the morning. I was depressed and just down. I think it was all just hitting me at once. I spent an hour watching vines and doing therapy and stuff and once I got caribe and hung out with Brianna for a little bit I started to feel better.

I didn’t get great sleep. I think I fell asleep around 2am and the I was woken up at 3:30 for ivs and I kept waking up. It wasn’t fun. Brianna and I walked around a bit in the morning. We got caribe from the vending machine on the lobby and went outside to the courtyard. It was nice and since in was around 10-11 it wasn’t that’s hot out.

At 1 I got my blood drawn for levels. At 1:30 we went down to pt. We went out to a different courtyard and did some exercise.

After I finished my third therapy we went on a walk. We actually just got back, we walked around for a half hour, hour. I’m tired now. One of the inpatient doctors came in and said we had some times for the bronchiole scope and stuff. Brianas is one Thursday at noon. My gtube and bronc would be next Tuesday at 7:30am. It’s far away, but at least we have times.

My mom made sweet and sour chicken and ride, which is my favorite. They put us on an anxiety medication for panic attacks. They also said if we were having difficulty sleeping we could take it to help us relax.

We asked child life for games and we got Jenga and sorry. I think when the tower for jenga falls it will really loud because of the hardwood floor.

I think we’re going to watch a movie soon.

That’s all for now,