Another Update

I’m going home tomorrow!

After my last antibiotic at 4pm I’m free.

I’m also not able to do the gastric emptying test inpatient, but they’re going to try and schedule it.

After I get discharged I’m going to try and upload more art wise.

That’s all for now,



Hospital Diaries #8

*plays the magical music to disney*

I was woken up to birds chirping and wonderful sunlight casting through my window.


I was woken up to my half hour late respiratory therapist. Fun times, fun times.

My designer bags were packed for a day of hospital fun.

Just look at that enthusiasm.

I got pfts done at 1:30. They were up which is good. My sister and grandma visited. I got pop for tomorrow. Yay caffeine.


That’s all for now,


Hospital Diaries #7

One week down, one more to go.

Right now I’m laying the oh so comfy hospital bed, hooked up to antibiotics and waiting for rt to come in to attach a co2 monitor to me. They were supposed to come in at 10, but guess not.

I did some school today.

Binged watch the office, again. It’s just a continuous thing now. Played a bunch of Minecraft. I’m trying to build a city with walls around it, so I have to do the impossible on Minecraft. Make a circle. So googling grid paper and finding a site exactly for Minecraft circles was a go.

I did okay today with my ‘meal plan.’ Just a lot of nausea.

Tomorrow I have pfts at 1:30.

Now I’m just going to put in some memes as fillers because I don’t know what to write if I’ve just been doing the same thing all day.

That’s all for now,


Hospital Diaries #5-6

(not mine)

I’ve had a boring past few days. Filled with minecraft and binge watching the office, I was having an art block yesterday. I drew an eye, because that usually helps my creative juices flowing, but I couldn’t even draw an eye right. I was finally able to draw something today. I’m probably going to post it tomorrow.

I want to thank you guys for all the support. I love reading the comments and im glad to be affecting people. Im already at 220 followers, I cant believe it.

So from the bottom of my heart, to the top of it, thank you.

-Michael Scott

Lol. I love the office.

Thats all for now,


Hospital Diaries #4

Day 4 of ??

I started this meal plan with my dietician. I think it’s kind of dumb and I don’t like it, but I’m giving it a go. Today we went over the menu together and I pointed out the things I liked and disliked.

So how it works is that she meets with me and we plan what I’m going to eat. So it’s automatically ordered to my room for a certain time. Like earlier today. I got pancakes, they sent it up and I didn’t have to call down from the phone in my room and place an order.

The goal is to eat 3 meals and 3 snacks. With ordering more food they’ll hope I’ll eat more.

I talked to the other doctors when they came for rounds. I mentioned Gastroparesis to them and how the gi doctors put out the idea for me to do a gastric emptying test. It’s where your stomach is paralyzed. The muscles don’t contract so there is delayed emptying into your intestines. This causes nausea, abdomen pain, etc.

They’re going to look more into it.

I drew a lot today. You’ll see them today and tomorrow. I was really happy with how it turned out. My sister and grandma visited me, so Bri brought me my markers and I finished the drawings.

Lots of Netflix and Minecraft. A little bit of sims.

I did a decent amount of school. Two tutorials in health, followed by tests for those subjects. I did one tutorial in algebra and a test for it. A post test for my biology class, and checked emails.

I don’t really know what else to write.

Oh idea.

Pt came in and did percussion around 11. Then at 1:30 I went down to the gym and went on the bike for 15 minutes.

I’ll most likely be getting a dressing changed for my picc, and maybe a pft.

That’s all for now,


Hospital Diaries #3

At around 9 I went down to pre op. Luckily they were able to do the edg or Esophagogastroduodenoscopy at the same time as the picc.

So I changed into a gown and was rolled down to level 4. Once I was in the room, my dad and mom with me, they started to take my vitals and stuff. A couple people came in, nurses, doctors, anesthesiologists, etc. since I was one of the first people there for today it went pretty quick.

They have me some relaxing medicine and a few minutes later I was rolled into the operating room. I was pretty coherent which doesn’t usually happen with the relaxing stuff. I was relaxed, but not like the usual daze I’m used to with the medicine.

They attached heart monitors, blankets, and such. They did a quick ultrasound with my arm for a picc and then started to put the anesthesia in.

I was out for a few hours.

The rest of the day I just played on my computer.

Right now I’m on ampicillin or unison as they call it. I have the antibiotic every 6 hours. I did bubble pep for pt. It’s where they fill of a container with water and soap and I take a deep breath, hold for 3 seconds, and blow into a tube to try and make the bubbles blow. I do 4 sets of ten.

It was kind of difficult, especially at the end because I got tired from it.

I started a couple drawings today, which you will probably see soon. My sister and grandma are visiting tomorrow, so I’m happy about that.

That’s all for now,


Pushing to hard with a Chronic Illness

The problem with chronic illnesses is that we hold ourselves to other people’s standards. We expect ourselves and our bodies to be able to handle as much as a ‘normal’ persons, when the truth is we can’t.

Someone might be able to go to work, go shopping, and take a shower, but with a chronic illness, it makes even simple tasks difficult. Pushing ourselves to much, trying to do as much as a ‘normal’ person can, leads to a downfall in our health.

I will push my body over the edge, trying to do school, art, even socializing. Even if I don’t feel good, I’ll push more. 4 hours of sleep. Staying on track with school. Basic hygiene. It’s all difficult.

On top of basic tasks, I have to remember to take care of myself. Treatments, medication, countless doctors appointments, it’s all difficult.

Coughing fits and flights of stairs drain my energy like a vacuum. Our bodies are working so hard to fight off bacteria and germs, that it pushes us to have to step back and look at things differently.

When trying to plan things, we have to focus our life away from our illness, try to not let it consume us.

That’s all for now,