I couldn’t decide on what to draw for animal which is what 4 was, so I decided to do a forest instead. U see various grey Markers and a 05 micron pen.

(Sorry for the crap lighting)


Depression Poem

They’re three parts of a storm




The thunder
cloudy and grey
everyone can hear it
but not all say its a storm
its always there
waiting, lurking around the corner
just when you thought it was gone
it comes and jumps out and voices its storm

sudden and frightening
comes and goes
not everyone sees it
not everyone can say it was there
but it can happen without the storm
it can show itself unexpectedly
different times
and when it strikes
it likes to be a surprise

the clouds
a sign the storm is gone
but it lingers
everyday clouds
not a sign of a storm
but there might be one
you never know