500 Posts

So many posts… the time I’m uploading it’s more than 500 ports, but you get the idea. I can’t believe I’ve uploaded 500+ posts, I wonder how long I’ve spent on this blog..? 😂

Story time

My dog was going crazy running around are room and sort of RIPPED OUT MY GTUBE! Ya so my mom had to obviously put a new one in. Good thing I have a gtube appointment tomorrow.

My dog

This is mya, I’ve had her for around a year and I just decided to post pictures of her because she’s cute and who doesn’t like dogs. She likes to cuddle with my sister and I when we’re doing therapy, she’s so cute. That’s all for now, Bye.

Art under the Stars

My sister and I decided to bring our at stuff outside. The drawing I’m working on, I’ll post soon.

Crap Lungs and Sleepless Nights

Another sleepless night to add to the book. Well technically it’s not a sleepless night it’s just a bit to late for my liking, then again when am I not up this late. So I’m laying in my bed, wishing my stupid internet would work. I’m currently using my sisters phone as a hotspot. It’s…