Hospital Day #7

So a lots been going on the last day or so. Yesterday I had thrown up around 6 times. Dry heaving, that fun stuff. I basil you slept all day yesterday. My heart rate was steady around 125 and my temperature is 100.9.

I’m still losing weight and so I feel weak. I did do tube feeds, but used a boost breeze instead of my peptamen. I threw up this morning and continued to dry heave afterward. I got an ultrasound and nothing showed up. I also got tested for celiac and ibs, both negative.

My blood sugar got tested and was normal also. There testing me for c dif and May do a gastric emptying test, which I’m hoping they do. It tests for Gastroparesis.

I’ve been hooked up to I’ve fluids since I haven’t been taking anything in.

I’m planning on doing a marvel movie marathon. Yay.

I don’t really have anything else to say. Thanks for all the support.

That’s all for now,



500 Posts

So many posts… the time I’m uploading it’s more than 500 ports, but you get the idea. I can’t believe I’ve uploaded 500+ posts, I wonder how long I’ve spent on this blog..? 😂

New Picc!

So as you know I got admitted last night from my picc being blocked. So they figured out I needed to get a new line. I was npo, which meant I couldn’t eat or drink anything.

They were thinking about a few ideas for a new picc because it’s thanksgiving and there are not a lot of people in surgery.

They told us I could do it bedside, have a perphial iv at home, or do what I usually do and get sedated. I did not want to do it bedside because my veins would close up from being so nervous and anxious.

They ended up being able to fit my procedure right after an emergency surgery, so I could be sedated. We went down at around 12 and I got into surgery at 1:30. They gave me relaxing medicine before going back and then did all the stuff. I got discharged after everything.

Anyways happy thanksgiving,


Hospital Diaries #4-5


I didnt do a lot today. My grandma visited. We got quadoba for dinner.

Someone came around with a cart full of stuff and I got a coloring book and colored pencils.

Its been snowing a lot so it’s a pretty view from the top floor.


I got discharged!

Yay I’m so happy. It is weird to only spend 5 days in the hospital, but I am going to continue the 21 days of iv antibiotics at home. I’m excited to see my dog and actually sleep.

Last night I got around 2 hours of sleep. I was hooked up to a co2 monitor and bipap, both kept beeping and going off. My iv pump kept saying ocludded patient side so I had to call in my nurse a lot.

So I drank mountain dew and I can feel it wearing off right now.

I’m in the car on my way home. I also hate having to unpack stuff, but it only takes at most a half hour.

That’s all for now,



So I’m driving home from the hospital. Just in time for rush hour yay. The doctors did pfts and they were better. The doctors decide to discharge me. They put me on a different antibiotic as well as keeping me on prednisone. He was worried about admitting me since antibitoics are hard on your kidneys. He said if I end up coming back to the er then well deal with it. He said its better to rest in your own bed then keeping you here. So it might not be a suprise if I end up back in the er.

I got iv out and all that jazz. I got like 3 hours of sleep, so yay.

That’s all for now,