Hospital Day #7

So a lots been going on the last day or so. Yesterday I had thrown up around 6 times. Dry heaving, that fun stuff. I basil you slept all day yesterday. My heart rate was steady around 125 and my temperature is 100.9. I’m still losing weight and so I feel weak. I did do…

500 Posts

So many posts… the time I’m uploading it’s more than 500 ports, but you get the idea. I can’t believe I’ve uploaded 500+ posts, I wonder how long I’ve spent on this blog..? 😂

Pencil Sharpener Sketch

For a visual arts class I was learning about contour and line art. I had to draw something similar to the contour art form, art that is based off and object of tone and shape, so I choose a measly pencil sharpener. Frankly it’s not the best, but I’ve never been one for still life.

Watercolor Circles

I painted this in my watercolor class yesterday. We were practicing different techniques to use.