Dear Vanessa,

The bus. The rambunctious elementary students, talking endlessly, then there was you. I don’t even know how we started a conversation, just three people(my sister is included in this) all socially awkward. Conversation. We learned we were neighbors. Passing of a sticky note from a cross the seat, a number. Playing with baking soda and…

Pencil Sharpener Sketch

For a visual arts class I was learning about contour and line art. I had to draw something similar to the contour art form, art that is based off and object of tone and shape, so I choose a measly pencil sharpener. Frankly it’s not the best, but I’ve never been one for still life.

Chalk Art

I was walking in my town and saw this. I liked it, its vibrant and colorful. I didn’t draw it, probably some kid did it but its cool so.