Common Misconceptions of Mental Health

There are many different kinds of mental illnesses, for me it’s anxiety, and depression. So I have experience, but not everyone with a mental illness has just anxiety or depression. So I’m here to talk to you about common misconceptions of mental health. -It’s not real. This is a big one and comments lie, this…

Pencil Sharpener Sketch

For a visual arts class I was learning about contour and line art. I had to draw something similar to the contour art form, art that is based off and object of tone and shape, so I choose a measly pencil sharpener. Frankly it’s not the best, but I’ve never been one for still life.

Chalk Art

I was walking in my town and saw this. I liked it, its vibrant and colorful. I didn’t draw it, probably some kid did it but its cool so.

Depression Poem

They’re three parts of a storm Thunder lightning clouds The thunder cloudy and grey everyone can hear it but not all say its a storm its always there waiting, lurking around the corner just when you thought it was gone it comes and jumps out and voices its storm lightning sudden and frightening comes and…