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Hospital Diaries #9

I woke up nervously. I had a bronchoscopy today. I ended up being put on call, which meant that I would go down earlier than scheduled. Heading down around 11 instead of 12, I got vitals and answered all the questions.

Luckily I didn’t have to change into a gown down in the Pre-op room, having already changed in my room. I needed to do a treatment since I have therapy at 12, so they had me do albuterol through a nebulizers, which is always fun since it makes me extremely shaky.

The anesthesiologists came in, gave me some relaxing medicine through my picc and rolled me down to the operating room.

Waking up was difficult since they gave me more anesthesia than they do when I get a picc. The procedure went fine, nothing but inflammation. They took biopsy’s and are testing it.

Yesterday I had my dressing changed on my picc. It had bled more on top of the already dried blood. I have skin breakage underneath so they put medapore dressing on it, which is like gauze.

The downside is that I have to get it changed every other day, but that’s not really a problem for me. I like when I get it changed because then it exposes the skin to air.

From the skin breakage there is redness and basically skin breakage. It can get infected and such easier.

I’m working on another mandala and I’m hoping I can see my dog this weekend if my dad or mom can bring her up.

That’s all for now,


Hospital Diaries #6

Tried to do school today. Worked a little but eventually I gave up as people kept coming in and out of my room and I was getting super anxious and stressed.

Child life left this on my door:

Which is truly amazing.

Tomorrow I have a CT scan at 1, and Thursday I have my bronc. There’s not a time yet though. I had pfts today, they were the same as last time. My numbers are actually really good, I think my FEV1 was at 90, but despite that I’m still having issues breathing.

I keep getting crappy sleep. Having vitals every six hours makes my night look like this:

11:30-12pm- vitals

2ish- antibiotic

5:30-6am- t-com check and another set of vitals

8- Therapy #1

So overall, not good. The t-com is checking my carbon dioxide levels. I have hyperventilation when I sleep and I’m supposed to wear a bipap but I can’t sleep with it on. I’ve tried several masks, had two sleep studies, attempted actually sleeping with it on, but no luck.

The normal level for it is low 40s. The past few days mine have been generally around 45-48 but today it was 50.

My morning afternoon schedule is like this, generally:

Physical therapy(sometimes morning, sometimes early afternoon)

9-10- Meds


12-therapy #2

4pm- therapy #3

6pm- antibiotic

8pm- therapy #4

Anyways that’s all for now,