Creative Corner

New Sketchbook!

I’m always overly excited to get a new sketchbook. This is the illo sketchbook i got off of amazon for $24.99. It’s 10×10 and the paper is 120lbs.

artist problems #26

Constantly getting distracted by everything and anything while doing art. Maybe it’s unconscious procrastination…

Getting Discharged!

Today I’m getting discharged. I had my last antibiotic at 10 and now I’m waiting to get my picc put. I got my flu vaccine earlier and I’m almost done packing.

I started The Blood of Olympus, the last book of the Hero’s of Olympus. I’m already halfway through it and it’s amazing! Hoping to leave here soon and see my dog and sleep in my own bed.

Thats all for now,


Hospital Diaries #10-11

Yesterday I had pfts. My FEV1 was down from 93 to 79, and FVC was down from 84 to 72. My doctors and I think it’s hopefully because I had the bronc the previous day. I’m getting new pfts on monday or tuesday so well know by then whether or not it should be concerning.

I had my weekly labs taken and went down to PT. Luckily it’s not on weekends so I can just chill for a couple days now.

Today, Saturday, my Mom and Sister brought my dog up. I took a leave on pass from 1-4pm, so in between my 12 and 4 o’clock therapy. We walked around a garden that’s on campus and then drove to a store and got some gum and chocolate.

Now i’m writing this. I drew a little, working on a new mandala piece and played some minecraft. Probably going to go home tuesday or wednesday which I’m excited for.

That’s all for now,