Hospital Diaries- Day #5

In technicality it is day 4 of antibiotics but I’ve been here for 5 days.

To be honest, today was relaxing. As always sleep is a struggle but that’s besides the point. After my first treatment at 8, I watched a couple movies with my mom while reading.

I ended up finishing The Mark of Athena, the third book in The Heros of Olympus series. Read almost 200 pages and it was awesome. Now I’m on page 40 of House of Hades.

Yesterday I got $30 from doing a Picc study. I got Sims 4 Realm of Magic game pack and have been obsessing over it for the past day or so. Switching back and fourth between that and Minecraft, which made my game crash.

Now on my survival world there are random chunks of mountains near the spawn point. TNT is my friend for this occasion. It might sound cool, you know mountains and such, but it’s more like large 15×15 square chunks of land.

I tried working on school later in the day, Chemistry specifically. For my online school I can get ahead of pace, so from preparing for admission I am still ahead of pace in 4 of my 7 classes, being on pace in 3.

So in the grand scheme of things, not bad but I’d rather be ahead of pace escpecially so I can take a day off for my bronchoscopy.

That’s all for now,


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