Hospital Diaries #3

Typical morning, woke up at 7:30 and did my first treatment at 8. I went down to the gym for physical therapy around 9:30, which took a lot of energy out of me.

My Dad had spent the night and left for work early, so I got some time alone which was nice. I tried to do school, finally adding all of my teachers phone numbers to my phone, but kept getting interrupted by people coming in.

Considering that I’m ahead of pace in five of my seven classes, being on pace in my other two, I tried not to worry too much about it. I plan on doing some more school tomorrow and over the weekend.

During rounds they let me know that im getting a bronchoscopy sometime next week. Im still getting my blood sugar checked two hours after I eat.

Two of my friends visited, which I was grateful for. My blood sugar for my late lunch was at 141, which isn’t good but I dont really know what that means for me.

Besides that nothing else really happened. Thats all for now,



  1. Your sugars aren’t bad. They will be up at little post eating because your body is under stress. Try to watch the carbs and eat more fat and protein – they kind of raise their eyebrows otherwise.

    Do you do insulin? I don’t. And when my sugars were up like yours which isn’t bad mind you – I refused insulin. I said my body was stressed. It’s not 180 or 200. I see patients walking around ”normal” over 200.

    Over the course of my stay – they went back to a normal post eating, 110-120. 141 is not bad.

    I had to watch my carbohydrates just cause I knew and they get all jittery.

    It’s exhausting being in the hospital.

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