Hospital Diaries #2

I got my picc! It was around 11:30 when I went back and it went well.

In the morning I entered a study which the hospital is doing to see if there’s certain antibiotics that make pics go bad in the cf community. I get 60 bucks overall which is a nice addition. They just had to take blood from the site when I first got it and then right before I get it out. Also measuring my arm everyday to check for swelling and such.

I got bad sleep, which is typical, especially for the first night. With the IV being finicky during antibiotics and people coming in and out, I didn’t get much sleep. The anxiety didn’t help much either.

Today was my first full day here and I already want to leave. My depression is just being fueled, the stress of school adds to my anxiety. Just everything is… ugh I don’t know.

Anyway that’s all for now,


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