Pushing to hard with a Chronic Illness

The problem with chronic illnesses is that we hold ourselves to other people’s standards. We expect ourselves and our bodies to be able to handle as much as a ‘normal’ persons, when the truth is we can’t.

Someone might be able to go to work, go shopping, and take a shower, but with a chronic illness, it makes even simple tasks difficult. Pushing ourselves to much, trying to do as much as a ‘normal’ person can, leads to a downfall in our health.

I will push my body over the edge, trying to do school, art, even socializing. Even if I don’t feel good, I’ll push more. 4 hours of sleep. Staying on track with school. Basic hygiene. It’s all difficult.

On top of basic tasks, I have to remember to take care of myself. Treatments, medication, countless doctors appointments, it’s all difficult.

Coughing fits and flights of stairs drain my energy like a vacuum. Our bodies are working so hard to fight off bacteria and germs, that it pushes us to have to step back and look at things differently.

When trying to plan things, we have to focus our life away from our illness, try to not let it consume us.

That’s all for now,



  1. Your health is the most important thing it is above all, don’t push yourself hard than what you can handle my friend, and take time to find the harmony and balance between taking care of yourself and practicing the usual activities you used to do..

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