My CF Routine

So I woke up, feeling pretty crappy. Breathing problems, headache, gi problems and such. When I first get up I get caffeine and then go into my den and start therapy.

I do the vest and take a few inhalers. Right now I’m in the middle of cleaning nebulizers so I didn’t do those today, but I usually do. I then take my morning medications. Usually I take Advil for headaches and joint pain. I also take calcium, Prilosec, and a few other pills.

I usually get crap sleep, but I had a panic attack and didn’t fall asleep til 2-3 am. I try not to focus on cf to much, but it is a big part of my life.

I usually do school for a few hours and then eat lunch, where I take 4 enzymes.

I fill up my pull container, which takes a little bit to do.

Something else I have to do is clean nebulizers. I use a machine that cleans baby bottles I think and put them in soapy water. Once the machines are done running I have to empty the nebulizers onto towels and flick the water off. Making sure to wipe away all of the water in the machines so they don’t get moldy.

Since my digestion system and pancreases and what not hates me, I’m usually constipated, so what I do is put mirialx through my gtube. I get out a new syringe and extension tube. Prime the line with water and connect it to my gtube button. I mix 2 cap fulls of mirialx with water and put it in the syringe. I shall have to end up doing around 5 syringe fulls of the liquid. After that I rinse the cup and fill it up a little with water. Put around 2 syringe full of water, since one, I don’t drink enough water, and two, for mirialx to actually work I need to have lots of water.

I also do tube feeds at night. I’m still struggling with nausea so I haven’t been able to do them.

Anyways That’s all for now,



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