Trip to Florida Day#1

Bags checked?✔️


Ultimate boredom?✔️

Right now we’re just hanging out in the airport. We have connecting flights from Cincinnati to Florida.

I woke up at 5, chugged down some Mountain Dew, and packed the rest of my crap, and we were off, like an herd of turtles. It’s an hour from my house to the airport so that was spent eating a bacon egg and cheese croissant which I acquired from Tim Hortons.

With the power of the dad hat, we got to skip through the line and straight to security. No line no, problem.

The sun is finally rising, but it’s very cloudy. By this point I don’t know what to do so I’m just going to keep typing. Sometimes I start a sentence and I don’t even know where it’s going.

There was connecting flight to Cincinnati, both flights went fine, just mild turbulance.

Thats all for now,



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