Hospital Day #1

The wonderful life of a Cfer.

For a recap, I got admitted last night through the er. I came in with bad breathing problems and got admitted for them and weight loss.


Right now I’m just sitting and watching my 1st movie of the day. I’m doing my 2nd vest treatment. I do this 4 times a day, along with albuterol and a nebulized albuterol. The plan is still pretty vague. I lost 5+ pounds since November, they are having me do a clean out through my gtube. I had gotten stomach and chest X-ray while in the er and to put it nicely I was ‘backed up’ which is nothing new to me. I am getting iv antibiotics, but they aren’t sure wether I’m going to do a full course with them. I have been having my normal lung infection symptoms for the last month so I want to bite the bullet and do a full course, but it’s up to them.

I’m going to have pfts tomorrow to see how my lungs are and if I should wait or proceed to antibiotics.



I had to get another iv. I’m on the clean out right now and I have to be hooked up to fluids because of it. I also am on a liquid diet.

Still don’t know if I’m staying, I’m going to do pfts tomorrow and we’re going from there.That’s all for now,


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