New Picc!

So as you know I got admitted last night from my picc being blocked. So they figured out I needed to get a new line. I was npo, which meant I couldn’t eat or drink anything.

They were thinking about a few ideas for a new picc because it’s thanksgiving and there are not a lot of people in surgery.

They told us I could do it bedside, have a perphial iv at home, or do what I usually do and get sedated. I did not want to do it bedside because my veins would close up from being so nervous and anxious.

They ended up being able to fit my procedure right after an emergency surgery, so I could be sedated. We went down at around 12 and I got into surgery at 1:30. They gave me relaxing medicine before going back and then did all the stuff. I got discharged after everything.

Anyways happy thanksgiving,


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