Hospital Diaries #2-3


So today I got a picc. In the morning I woke up and did therapy around 8. They said that I would get a picc at 1. At around 11 they put my sister and I on call for a picc, we went down around 12 and my sister was first. When I was actually heading back to the or it was 2ish, maybe even later.

I was in a lot of pain so I was given Tylenol for pain. I did one or two more best treatments. I started my bipap tonight. I was hooked up to an pulse ox and a co2 monitor.

I didn’t sleep that much.


Someone from pt came in and did percussion on me. I had pfts at 1:30. They were the same as they were on Friday. I went down for pt at 3. Vanessa visited at 5 so that was nice. We walked around for a bit and I got food from the vending machine.


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