Childhood Stories

  1. When I was younger I was hanging off of a tree in my backyard. It’s not that big of a tree, I mean i lived in a city. I was just hanging on one of the branches being a monkey or something and the whole branch just broke. I mean I was like 6, how did it even break.
  1. We had this swing set set up near our garage. I don’t remember why, but we had this canopy set up. Our dad get both my sister and I that if we jumped off from the swings and hit the edge of the canopy we got $10 or something. We spent a good part of the day doing that until we rightfully claimed the $10.
  1. The first time I was stung by a bee was in 3rd grade I think, maybe second. There was this circular play structure that had ladders to climb up to and then a bunch of different kinds of monkey bars and a couple poles to slide down. I was going down one of them and I guess my hand slid over the bee and it stung me. My sister had to write for me the rest o of the day,
  1. My dad once tried to teach Brianna and I wood carving, Brianna’s my sister by the way it felt weird to keep saying sister. So Brianna and I wold go into the garage and my dad cut small maybe 4×4 pieces of wood up and he had a couple carving tools. It didn’t end well, I think Brianna ended up getting one of her fingers and that was the last time.
  2. My house was close to a park. It had a couple play structures, there was this ditch or something that they filled with water every year and it became and ice rink, and there was a lap around the whole place. We would always ride our bikes around it, but one time we decided to use our roller skates. We barley made it to the park without falling and decided against the idea.
  3. Brianna and I would constantly fall off our bikes, like constantly. We would try to ride it and fall or run into something, or each other. I don’t know why we fell so much, but I have this scar on my knee and I’m pretty sure it’s from that.
  4. About a block or two away was this school. It was private and we went their in kindergarten. Every year it has a carnival and has a Ferris wheel and different rides. One year we brought our friend Jenna and went on these hang glider ride. Luckily it was a three person one. You would go up really high and then some pattern of up and down. It wasn’t as tall as the Ferris wheel, but you could still see a lot of the other rides and food stands.It was weird, but fun.
  5. I had this one art teacher that I loved. I remember we would draw certain things from a round the world like pottery or make tapestries or some stuff. Not all drawings. From certain areas of the world he would do different accents and made it fun.
  6. One time Brianna and I had a sprinkler. It was a circle and I don’t really understand how it worked, but that’s not the point, we took leaves and tied them to somehow stay on a stick and moved two chairs around it. In our imagination we were roasting marshmallows.
  7. Halloween. So I actually lived in a neighborhood, now I live more in the country, so I could go trick or treating there instead of having to go somewhere. My neighbor always had this huge blow up pumpkin that we always took pictures in front of every year. It was sort of a small tradition.

That’s all for now, I had an interesting childhood when I think about it. I once swallowed rocks because we put them in a tea set. Yes very interesting.



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