Idiots Guide to:Feeding Tube

I’ve had my feeding tube for a couple moths and before that my sister had hers for around a year.

So I have a gtube specifically, there are other kinds such as a jtube a gjtube, or a peg. The difference is the place it is located in. Mine is in my stomach, a jtube is in the jejunum.

For a gtube there is an extension tube that you hook up to the actual tube.

The white end goes into the gtube.

You take a syringe full of water and hook it up to that blue part. You open it, put the tip of the syringe in, unclamp, push water in, then clamp it and take the syringe out. You don’t want to leave the clamp open because then stomach fluid will flow out and will make a big mess.

I put three bottles of formula into a bag and close it. I hook it up to a pump and prime it so the formula goes through the tube that I hook up to my gtube.

There are different parts and different button you can press to adjust and prime your feeds. The bottom on the bottom right corn is the power. The 5 buttons along he left side are where you can adjust the sound of the alarm, the feed rate, more, prime pump, and one of the are empty.

When I first got my gtube it was painful. I was already in the hospital for a lung infection, but you do have to spend one night after the surgery to get adjusted to it and be taught how to use it.

They had me on pain meds every four hours I think and because my sister had already got one so we already knew everything. I had helped my sister sometimes like set up her feeds for her every so often so I knew what to do.

I clean my gtube every day or so because it will leak. It can also cause granulation tissue, which you can get cauterized or put a cream on so it disappears. It can cause irritation and discomfort so you can go to your doctors and get it cauterized.

You can always ask your doctor if you have questions or look it up.

That’s all for now,



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