Common Misconceptions of Mental Health

There are many different kinds of mental illnesses, for me it’s anxiety, and depression. So I have experience, but not everyone with a mental illness has just anxiety or depression.

So I’m here to talk to you about common misconceptions of mental health.

-It’s not real.

This is a big one and comments lie, this vary. It’s not real, or it’s all in your head are big ones. Mental illnesses are real things. Things like anxiety and depression are caused by an imbalance of chemicals in the brain.

Other things can be caused by trauma or an already existing issue in someone’s life.

-It goes away.

It never goes away. It’s always going to be alert of your life, even if it’s a distant memory. Yes, it does get better with medication or treatment, but it doesn’t take it ways completely. For me, I have anxiety/panic attacks weekly, I have bad anxiety in social situations. I’m depressed, it’s still there.

-Your just sad.

This is a big misconception of depression. It’s not just the sadness, yes it can be a big part of it, but there’s other things to it. The doubt, the numbness, the void of thoughts. There can be physical aspects of it like sleep too.

-I understand

Unless you have that illness you will not fully understand. I hate when I hear people say oh I understand because I get sad sometimes, or I understand because I get anxious or nervous for certain things. It’s hard for us to explain it to people and so people try to understand.

-Think of something else.

It really depends on what the persons going through, whether it’s trauma, anxiety, depression, you can’t just think of something else. A lot of the times episodes of these feelings just pop out of nowhere. You can’t just think of puppies and kittens and those thoughts and feelings will go away.

For some it helps lesson those thoughts by distraction or just by surfing the wave. You can’t always try and prevent those feelings, you have to learn to deal with them and manage, not just choose to deal with them later.

That’s all for now,



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