Another One?

Docotrs appointment.

Having to drive to the hospital.


Good stuff. So I’m back for another visit with my cf doctor. Right now I just got checked in and took vitals. I’m now a couple pounds down since my nauseas been worse and I have troubles with that and tube feeds. Which I guess I expected. Right now I’m on oral antibiotics for a lung infection caused by cf. They’re not working, as usual, and my lung problems are getting worse so here we are.

I’m going to get pfts done. Last time, two weeks ago, when I was here they were 78. Which isn’t bad, but they were down from the last time.


I just got back from pfts and I had to do a post meaning I had to do 4 puffs of albuterol. I didnt get to see the numbers, but I still when I know my numbers. My hands are super shaky from the albuterol.


Back from my post pfts. My numbers are down. There 65 and 68. Which is worse, but makes sense.


So a lot happened. I did a different kind if pft for trapped air and 40% of my air is trapped by mucus and inflammation.

In going on prednisone for inflammation, I have to do therapy 3 times a day, stay on my oral antibiotic, do sinus rinses. But wait, there’s more. My nausea I’m going to try benadryl and tums and if that doesnt work in going to be perscribed an anti nausea medicine.

My doctor thinks it could be part of my mood, but I dont know. I have to work on breathing exercises like belly breathing and other things.

To say I’m stressed is an understatement.

It’s already stressful being 14 and having to deal with all of this, but I have to do all of this stuff extra for my breathing problems is a lot of responsibility.

Thats all for now,



    1. Ya, some stuff is personal, but I appreciate your concern. Yes it is a lot to handle, and it is hard. I understand, for myself, that oral antibiotics don’t help, but my doctors always trying to find the right treatment and it helps by narrowing stuff down. Again thank you.

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