Stupid Lungs

I’m pretty positive I’m getting a lung infection. When I went to my check up from me last being admitted I had to do pfts, get my flu shot, a throat vulture, and a bunch of other stuff. My pfts were down, which makes since because I was having a little problems with my lungs. One of my numbers were 78, which isn’t bad, but before they were 84 so there down from when I was discharged from the hospital.

I’ve had increased in mucus and I’ve had a cough that is continuously increasing.

I feel crappy and I’m constantly tired and my joints hurt. My nausea is also worse, but that usually happens when I’m sick. I’m also getting out of breath and stuff. My doctor just said it isn’t concerning her and so she didn’t put me on any antibiotics.

So now I’m dealing with the loads of mucus and crap feeling.

That’s all for now,


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