Different Parts of a mental illness

I have both anxiety and depression. I’m trying not to let it invade my life and there are many things to deal with. I also have family and friends who deal with mental illnesses. I’m grateful to have people in my life I can talk to and be able to understand what them and I are going through. It is also good to have this blog to be able to make it understandable for others and to have this as a coping mechanism. I want people to understand that depression isn’t just being sad, anxiety isn’t just being nervous and that its an actual thing many people deal with. I am talking about my own personal experiences so it may differ between people.

Different Parts of Depression:

Sometimes it is hard to differentiate the symptoms of anxiety and depression, but there are a few distinct characteristics between the two.

Sadness: You might feel sadness for a loss or missing someone, but this sadness is different. It lingers for awhile or it could be short lived. It appears out of no where. You can be hanging out with friends and the next minute you are confined to the feeling of utter sadness.

Guilt: I can have guilt for the littlest things. If I get in an argument it can feel as though its all my fault and ill feel awful. Or it can be something bigger. It all depends.

Pushing people away: When my depression started it was almost a year before I knew what it was. I was constantly wanting to be distant and away from people. Confiding myself away and thinking no one cared. I didn’t understand what this sadness and these thoughts meant. I wouldn’t talk to people as much and I would try not to communicate.

Loneliness: This goes along with all chronic illnesses. You feel alone and no one understands. I am thankful enough to have people who understand, but its still hard. Sure people can try to understand what its like, but its still lonely. Especially since everyone different and were all going through different things.

Different parts of Anxiety:

Anxious: This is a given. Its not just being nervous, but it can be heart plantations, anxiety attacks, shaky hands, and sweating.

Anxiety Attacks: Heart racing, may feel fearful, short of breath, chest pain, caused by a certain stress. Many people think that a panic or anxiety attack is the same thing, but they are very different.

Panic Attacks: There is a difference between them and anxiety attacks. A panic attack comes out of nowhere and unlike an anxiety attack, it does not have a stressor. It can be unpredictable. I personally have both panic and anxiety attacks, sometimes ill be stressing about something and ill freak out and have an an anxiety attacks, or ill be laying in bed and ill randomly have a panic attack. It varies.

Shaky Hands: Ill get random shaky hands and its because of anxiety. It doesn’t necessarily mean its always caused by anxiety, but more often then not that’s the cause. Not everyone has this, but I do so i thought why not share it?

Social Anxiety: I often get anxious in crowds or near people I don’t know and sometimes even with people I do know. It usually causes an anxiety attack. I will be walking in my town shopping or something and Ill get super overwhelmed and my heart will beat faster and everything. Not everyone has this part of anxiety and there are many more kinds of anxiety.

Now keep in mind there is a lot more than this, but this is just some of the stuff I deal with. It doesn’t mean everyone deals with it, i’m just talking about my own personal experiences. Some people have panic disorders, or other mental illnesses which can cause more problems. I have generalized anxiety, social anxiety, and depression.

That’s all for now,



3 thoughts on “Different Parts of a mental illness

  1. This is a good post and you are brave and wonderful for sharing. I am glad that you have supports around you, and that you have a good understanding of what is going on for you.

    I have had both anxiety and depression. I had them both from a young age, but I didn’t know what was happening and I was only diagnosed when I was 19. Having them undiagnosed for so many years was very difficult and I think it made them much more resistant to treatment. I’m glad your situation is different.

    And you’ve taught me something. I didn’t know that anxiety attacks and panic attacks were different. I’ve always used the terms interchangeably. From your descriptions, it seems that I have had both at different times.

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