Things my Chronic Illness Has Taught Me

Over the 14 years of my life I have learned many things due to my chronic Illness. Having any sort of illness is hard to deal with and teaches you how to deal with a lot more especially at a younger age.

-Don’t take life for granted

For a lot of people this is a given. Having to go through hospital admissions, bad days, medications and such causes you to be thankful for the little things. Being able to do things on your own, and feeling generally well can be rare for some. Even when I am not sick I can still feel fatigued or nausea’s. Doing to much in a day can cause me to overcome with fatigue or just generally feeling unwell.


Since a young age iv’e been taught to do these things that other kids don’t have to do. Having to do treatments and taking medications that rely solely on your doing is  big responsibility for anyone, but when you have to do it at a young age it can be a struggle. When I was younger my parents helped me out, but since before I was 10 I was mainly taking all my medications and treatments by myself. It can stressful to always have to do these things to make sure my health is in good shape. If I didn’t do treatments I would end up in the hospital.

Then there’s all the doctors appointments. They can add up. My mom always drives me to them since, well, I can’t drive yet,but I have to be responsible for the work I missed in school since I usually have a Friday appointment. Then I have to make sure I have good grades and that I stay on top of it.


Sure everyone has some sort of independence. Of course I always have my sister by my side, but again I do my treatments by myself.

There’s a limit to the amount where you can branch yourself off. Ya I still need my parents and sisters help sometimes, but at a young age I learned independence.

I also appreciate that I have this independence along with the responsibility.

That’s all for now,


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