How my Illness makes me feel Older

Ever since I was born I’ve had to deal with this illness. Growing up it was always hard to deal with the extra responsibility I had. Not just that, but the actual disease that it causes your body to do. Luckily I did not get admitted when I was younger, but my parents have told me there had been a couple of close calls.

Of course my parents helped me a lot when I was younger, but as I grew up I had to be more and more responsible about it. I do appreciate it, sometimes it’s good to have extra responsibility,but there are limits we all have.

Any illness can make anyone feel twice there age. I am a teen, but I feel as though I have responsibilities of an adult.

It can be frustrating sometimes.

Having to do twice a day treatments with inhalers and nebulizers. Having to be on top of taking medications and doing treatments so you don’t end up in the hospital is stressful. It puts a lot of pressure on someone, physically and mentally.

That’s all for now,


P.s I am going to try to up,and more. I keep wanting to up,lad some of my sim builds, but I keep forgetting. I am starting school in a week so it Knut change, but I’m trying to at least upload once a day to be somewhat consistent.

One thought on “How my Illness makes me feel Older

  1. artandroses

    I can relate to this, with all my meds, Treatments, and tube feeds it gets to be a lot of responsibility, yes I like doing it all because it’s my body and as I get older I’ll have to be even more responsible for all these health things. I feel older than I am too since other teens my age don’t have nearly as much stuff to deal with and I feel like I learned a lot with cf and have grown a lot from all these responsibility’s.


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