My gtube set up

Since I recently just got a gtube I have added many things to my pharmacy of a nightstand. Today my mom took the stitches out so it hurts a little more today.

I always had a decent amount of health stuff on my nightstand and so I have an updated collection. I have a box full of my arubica, inhaler,spacer, a pencil, and some nose spray. For my gtube stuff I have some tape which I use to tape down the tube onto my stomach. Then I have alchohal pads to clean off the tape residue. I also have my extension tube and syringe. I replace both of these once a week.

The actual pump and stuff is on an iv pole. I use a towel every night to cover the light from it. I hung up my hope beads and right now I’m not running feeds, but there would usually be a feed bag hanging up here at night.

How I set up my gtube is shake the three bottles of formula, then pour them into a bag. I take that upstairs and I hook up the tube through the pump and prime it.

I hook up the extension tube to the actual gtube button on my stomach. I open the tube and put the syringe at the top, unclamp the tube and flush it. Before unhooking the syringe I clamp it. Then when I’m ready to go to bed I hook up the tube from the bag to the extension tube, unclamp, and press run.

That’s all for now,


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