Hospital Diaries-Gtubes and Discharges

So I didn’t upload the last couple days because I didn’t really feel like it.

So I got my gtube. Yay. My nurse had said that they put me on call. My surgery was originally moved to 9, but she came in around 7ish and asked me to change into a gown. So I went down a bit early. I still had the anxiety med in my system so I was more Bergius than anything. I went down to the pre op room. I answered question talked to the doctors and surgeons there and eventually the anasteiologist came in and gave me the relaxing stuff and rolled me back.

When I woke up I was in a decent amount of pain. They had it so I was getting pain meds every three hours so that was good. At 9 they started me on feeds. I started at 30 and every two hours they would up the rate 20 until I was at the goal rate of 90.

In 5 days I can take the sutchers out.

I got my picc taken out which is good. I still have a dressing on which I can take off around 7 tonight.

Because of my gtube I’m not doing the best because that would hurt. So I’m just doing inhalers and nebulizers. I’m trying to do the arubica.

That’s all for now,



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