Hospital Diaries #9-10

Day 9

Friday. Yay. Brianna got pfts at 4. We ended up going to pt in the morning. We walked around a lot and binged the office. Nothing happened.

Day 10

I woke up did my first treatment of the day. Went to Brianna s room and watched some tv. During rounds my doctor said she heard crackles in my lungs.

I have a few people visiting tomorrow. Pfts on monday and ct scan at noon. Tuesday I have my gtube and bronc at 7:30am.

Were hopefully getting discharged on Wednesday. Our parents bought deadpool 2 so we watched it today. Its sort of sad, but overall a good movie. We took a walk at 10:30.

We took a leave on pass and went to johans. I got two different fabrics to make a tie blanket. I also got a notebook that says bearly awake and has a pun on it. We then went to target and got popcorn, starbucks, beef jerky and a couple other things. I’m trying to find a tray to put my gtube stuff on. Were also heading to barns and nobles to look for books.

Thats all for now,


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