Hospital Diaries #9-10

Day 9

Friday. Yay. Brianna got pfts at 4. We ended up going to pt in the morning. We walked around a lot and binged the office. Nothing happened.

Day 10

I woke up did my first treatment of the day. Went to Brianna s room and watched some tv. During rounds my doctor said she heard crackles in my lungs.

I have a few people visiting tomorrow. Pfts on monday and ct scan at noon. Tuesday I have my gtube and bronc at 7:30am.

Were hopefully getting discharged on Wednesday. Our parents bought deadpool 2 so we watched it today. Its sort of sad, but overall a good movie. We took a walk at 10:30.

We took a leave on pass and went to johans. I got two different fabrics to make a tie blanket. I also got a notebook that says bearly awake and has a pun on it. We then went to target and got popcorn, starbucks, beef jerky and a couple other things. I’m trying to find a tray to put my gtube stuff on. Were also heading to barns and nobles to look for books.

Thats all for now,



Hospital Diaries #7-8

Day 7

This is my schedule usually.

6am:Thyroid medicine

8am: first therapy


12pm:second therapy

1:30pm: physical therapy

4pm:third therapy

8pm:fourth therapy

I have a ct scan Monday at noon. I also have my gtube and bronc at 7:30am on Tuesday, so that will be fun.

At physical therapy we went outside and did a few different exercises.

Brianna and I were alone all day, which was actually nice since it was just us. We watched tlc which had on four weddings and say yes to the dress. My aunt and uncle visited, which was nice.

Someone came in from music therapy and we played ukulele. It was sort of good to have something different to do.

We went on a long walk for around 45 minutes at 11. We took a couple laps around the lobby and went to a lobby.

Day 8

Today my sister had a bronc. They said it would be at 12, but then it was moved to 2m30. They put her on call so it could possibly be moved up sooner and she ended up going down at 1:30, but didn’t go back til 2:30.

Right now I’m updating my computer which takes awhile. I have treatments at 4.

My mom went and talked to another mom with a daughter who was going to get a gtube.

When Bri gets back I want to play jenga with her. I want to go to Michaels this weekend to get some fabric to make a tie blanket. Brianna made it one time we were admitted. It’s nice because it’s so thick and you can choose which fabric you want. For Brianna’s they’re both kind of fleece and one side is really soft.

I got pfts done. They’re a bit better which is good. One is 82 the other is 101.

It was really foggy today.

That’s all for now,


Hospital Diaries #6

I wasn’t dong the greatest in the morning. I was depressed and just down. I think it was all just hitting me at once. I spent an hour watching vines and doing therapy and stuff and once I got caribe and hung out with Brianna for a little bit I started to feel better.

I didn’t get great sleep. I think I fell asleep around 2am and the I was woken up at 3:30 for ivs and I kept waking up. It wasn’t fun. Brianna and I walked around a bit in the morning. We got caribe from the vending machine on the lobby and went outside to the courtyard. It was nice and since in was around 10-11 it wasn’t that’s hot out.

At 1 I got my blood drawn for levels. At 1:30 we went down to pt. We went out to a different courtyard and did some exercise.

After I finished my third therapy we went on a walk. We actually just got back, we walked around for a half hour, hour. I’m tired now. One of the inpatient doctors came in and said we had some times for the bronchiole scope and stuff. Brianas is one Thursday at noon. My gtube and bronc would be next Tuesday at 7:30am. It’s far away, but at least we have times.

My mom made sweet and sour chicken and ride, which is my favorite. They put us on an anxiety medication for panic attacks. They also said if we were having difficulty sleeping we could take it to help us relax.

We asked child life for games and we got Jenga and sorry. I think when the tower for jenga falls it will really loud because of the hardwood floor.

I think we’re going to watch a movie soon.

That’s all for now,


How I told people about my CF

Throughout my life I’ve had to deal with explaining my disease. When I was younger, I think it was more difficult to explain it. I had a decent understanding as to what it was, but it was harder for other kids to understand. It is definitely hard to grow up having a responsibility of doing these treatments and taking these meds that relies solely on your own doing. Yes our parents helped us, but as we grew up we were taught more about how we had these responsibilities that were important for our health.

Most kids have some responsibilities, like doing chores, or taking your dogs on walks, mine were just different. It’s a good thing to have, but its always felt like I’m older than I actually am since I have to worry about things most kids don’t have to deal with my age. I’ve learned to make do with it, sometimes I’m grateful to have that extra something to deal with because it makes me thankful for things more and not take things for granted.

When I was younger It would be harder to tell people. Kids wouldn’t understand, didn’t know what some health issues meant. Until I was around 4th grade and met my current best friend, I hadn’t actually met someone who knew how much cf affected me and my sister and what cf was in a certain depth.

When I told people about it I would always have different reactions. Looking back at it, I didn’t tell many people. When I was in 4th grade I had this one “friend.” She ended up not being the nicest person and didn’t understand cf. When we told her she had ended up not being nice about it. She told people we were just saying it for attention, which looking back at it is actually really rude since cf can be so severe. She told our whole class about having to go down to the office before lunch to take pills, which made it sound bad.

All of our teachers of course knew about it and the office. Some people would just not react, would brush it off. No one really took it in account for something that could actually affect someone. Since it is a rare disease I understand that to a certain extent. No one has really heard about cf.

One time in my sisters 5th grade science class they watched a video or something about cf. Brianna had gone home early due to stomach issues, but her friend told her. Someone said they knew someone with it. I think they should teach more about certain diseases like cf, or eds, or something. It can help people understand more and learn that there is more disease out there than just cancer, or the flu. It can be frustrating to hear that not a lot of people know what cf is, that’s why Awareness is so important, especially since it is a rare disease.

In 7th grade I had a bad friend experience. Obviously I won’t say her name but she wasn’t the nicest either. One time when Brianna was being admitted, I was coming with Bri to the hospital to help and such, and let’s call her Jessica. So Jessica said I should go to school. She didn’t understand and that wasn’t the only time.

I knew her since 6th grade so it was before I was getting admitted. She did a couple other things to annoy me and be rude and I ended up ending that friendship.

That’s all for now,


Hospital Diaries #6

Today we were actually doing stuff.

I woke up at 7:30 and did therapy at 8. I heard we had pfts and ekgs. I also had to take a shower. I had the ekg at 10:30 for a prolonged qtc which can because by the celexa. It’s a longer resting beat of the heart and we’ve had it a little bit in the past so every time we get admitted we have to get one to make sure it’s not to long.

Of course it wouldn’t be a hospital stay without watching the office and playing the sims. I ate around 1 which is a bit late, and we had physical therapy at 1:30. We did this thing where we throw a ball that has a bunch of different exercises on it. When you catch it you do the exercise that it lands on. It made it a little more interesting.

We used these 4 wheeled, almost like a skateboard that we sat on and used our legs to move us down our hallway. Then one of us sat on it and the other pulled one another while holding on a jump rope.

My pfts number for my small airways was 84, and my lsat one was 114, which means it’s 29 down if I did the math right. My large airways were 79. So there not great, but they could be worse.

I’m hooked up to Toby right now, watching the office. I’m about to do therapy and I have a headache.

That’s all for now,


Hospital Diaries #5

Today was another chill day. I woke up around 7:30. I did therapy at 8 and ate some breakfast after. I’m planning on doing this challenge called draw this in your own style. It basically is an art challenge where you take someones drawing under the hashtag draw this in your own style and draw it in your own style. Ill try to upload it soon, but I’ve barley even started the drawing.

I of course played sims. I keep forgetting to upload pictures of what I build and redo but always seem to forget. Right now i’m mostly focusing on apartments and redoing them, but every so often Ill build something.

Today i was mostly hanging out in Brianna’s room. I ate to many resses, but they are delicious.Today was mostly watching the office, eating snacks, and playing sims.

My friend, who I’ve talked about before, Vanessa is visiting us at 7 so i’m excited and happy to see her. Were probably going to walk around a bit.

Brianna, my dad, and I walked to this one side of the floor to see outside to a parking lot because there was a car show. Were not able to go down because of germs, but we get a gift bag. Our dad went down before he left because people he works for were there and stuff. After that we went don and satin the courtyard. Ist a butterfly court yard, but there were no butterflies sadly. Were still planning on getting a bronc and me getting my gtube next week sometime.

Thats all for now,