Chronic Illness Fun! A very Sarcastic Post.

If you have a chronic illness, you know that I am being 100% sarcastic when I say how fun it is to have to deal with it. Don’t you just love how adventurous it is, to go through the journey of an illness that just doesn’t go away! Cause I know I do. If you don’t know I have anxiety, depression, and cystic fibrosis. I have a couple other illnesses such as asthma and hypothyroidism, but those don’t affect me, at least as much. So I get to know what it’s like to have all types of illnesses. I got to catch them all.

My cystic fibrosis has caused me to, yet again, get another lung infection. I’m assuming it is a lung infection since I have all of my symptoms of one. Oh and don’t you just love nausea. The feeling of having to puke, especially when it decides to somehow always show up after eating, but also being nauseas all the time.

And the combination of not being able to breathe and the brain fog. If you have a chronic illness you know what I mean by brain fog. The joy of forgetting everything and the weird fatigue is just rejuvenating for the body. It’s a great cleanse!

(By this point please note when I am being sarcastic.)

Oh and to mix it up, just throw in some anxiety and depression into the salad of fun. The anxiety attacks and social anxiety does wonders for the dressing. And to top it off add some nice guilt and sadness.

But don’t forget the positive thoughts.

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