The pains of a chronic illness/sleep study results

So I’m pretty positive that I have a lung infection. I have all of my symptoms of one. Luckily I have a clinic in two weeks so I can talk to my doctors.

I’m more fatigued, and I’m getting out of breath easily and having breathing issues. Also my nauseas has increased and such. So that’s great.

Anyways, my sleep study. If some of you may know I have sleep issues. I have difficulty falling asleep and have tried multiple sleep medications that haven’t helped. I got the results a couple weeks ago. Apparently, not my sister and I, breathe shallow when we sleep. This causes a high amount of carbon dioxide in our bodies. So we have to be put on a bipap that pushes air into our nose when we breathe. It’s not oxygen, just room air. That’s why when I was in the hospital I slept better when I was on oxygen.

It can either be a mask over your mouth and nose, one just over your nose, or something like a nasal cannula. I think I’m gong to try a cannula. Sadly I have to go back and do another sleep study so they can adjust settings for a bipap machine. Our next appointment ent is in November, so pretty far away.

Here’s a random picture of me during my sleep study.

Don’t I look amazing?


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