Paris-Day #7

Yay, finally at the one week mark. Pretty sure the days are off, but whatever. Today was sort of a rest day, since the past couple of days we’ve been doing a lot. I just kind of chilled. Ate, took a nice warm shower. It was colder in the apartment which is nice. Brianna, my Dad, and I took around a 20 minute walk down to the art store. The art store was nice. I bought a watercolor set, a paintbrush, and a watercolor sketchbook. The watercolor is wax and the sketchbook was cheap. Around 5 euros.You all know what a paintbrush looks like so I won’t include a picture. Tommorow post will be more interesting. We ended up not going to London because it was around 3,000 Euros so that was not going to happen. That’s all for now,Bye.


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