My plans for the Summer

So as some of you may know I am going to be going into high school. I am being homeschooled throughout my 4 years due to health issues, but I was never homeschooled before this point. Anyways I will be trying to post twice a day. Somedays it might be once a day I dont know it just depends on the day.

Back onto topic though. So I am obviously in Paris right now. My parents, brianna, and I are trying to travel every 6 months or so. We went to Florida esrluer in the year and then dc on the 4th last year. Were planning on going to a water park with vanessa. If you don’t kbow who she is, she us brianna and mines awesome vest friends who is also our neighbor. Ill probably do a post similar to my sisters on her blog about how we met her and such.

Were also planning on redoing our room. Brianna and I share a room which is decent in size, but for two people its not ideal. Were installing a ceiling fan, painting and patching holes in our walls, getting new bed frames and redecorating. Not that long ago we got new bedsaide tables and dressers so we dont need to update those. We also plan on changing our closet doors to sliding doors, sort of like barn doors that slide, since the wall that my bed is on is also the wall that the closet is on and since the closet is in the center of the wall it causes us not to be able to open that one door. I bought a couple prints that I’m going to use for the small wall space I have. Are bed frames that we plan on getting have shelfs on the headboards so we dont need to use our bedside tables. I just bought a new throw vlanket to put over a comforter or fluffy blankets. I also have a new wide vase that I already use and a small lamp from ikea. We are thinking about doing an accent wall of a off dark purple and painting the rest of our room a light grey. Ill probably post pictures of the process or leave a link of our YouTube channel which we might time lapse the process.

Thats all for now,



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