Traveling with an Ilness

Depending on the illness you have it might differentiate what stuff you have to worry about packing. I have cystic fibrosis or cf. I have to do a lot of different things with my health even while I’m on vacation.Illnesses don’t take vacations, even though we want them to.I have to pack my vest, nebulizer pump, nebulizers, pulmozyne, hypertonic, all my medications, inhalers, spacers, etc. It is a lot to pack exceptionally on long vacations like the one I’m on. I also have to bring a lot of carryons since you don’t want them throwing your stuff around and breaking your expensive medical stuff.For me with cf, I have to worry about being dehydrated easily. When i sweat I lose salt through sweating, so I have to make sure I eat some salty snacks and drink a lot of water. We also have to carry around enzymes for before we eat.For my sister, she has to pack all of her gtube stuff. She has to pack all the bags, the pump, and extra pump Incase hers breaks, an extension tube, syringes, an extra gtube button just in case, and all of her formula, but luckily we checked her formula. I’ll have to deal with this in the future because I am planning on getting one.Since we traveled internationally we had problems with the nebulizer and the plugs. We had converters and adapters, but it didn’t work. So we had to buy a new nebulizer from a medical place here. There are special adapters and stuff I’ve heard of for medical stuff, but we couldn’t find one. We’re not going to use our vest though Incase it ends up breaking like one of our nebulizers.We also have to wear masks for the airport for germs. We wore them when we first went on the plane and when we exited just Incase.So when your traveling with medical stuff, especially if your traveling internationally make sure to think ahead of any possibly things that could help or to be prepared for.


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