Paris-Day #3

So we went to the Eiffel Tower.

We ate there. There was a couple small places where you could eat. There was also a glass floor part, which of course I stood on.

Thats pretty much all we did. We had to stand in a very long line just to get the tickets. We took the elevator though. After that we had to wait for the elevator which took a decent amount of time. We also got some macaroons. We got 8 which was around 15 euros. The veiw was amazing, which is unsurprising.

I now have two achy ankles and knees which is fun, but ill live.

Something I did not mention about yesterday was my anxiety. I always get anxious around and in big crowds,and there was a lot of people in the louvre and I ended up having an anxiety attack. I was breathing heavily, and was a little dizzy,but the dizziness died down a bit after a few minutes. I’m always anxious around alot of people and this was no exception. Usually for anxiety attacks I am really,anxious and dont like to be by people and I usually freak out if someone touches me or something. For more severe ill feel like I’m,hyperventilating which only really had happens once or twice. This one was in between. I wasn’t really hyperventilating more like breathing faster.

Now I can say ive had anxiety attacks all over the world. Yay!

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