Traveling to Paris

Our flight got changed to 10:20pm and it was originally 3:47pm. Then when my dad called they said it could be the original one, but the airports and hour away so we couldn’t. So now we’re on the later flight. So I’m just chilling in the airport listening to music with my sister.

My mom, dad, sister, grandma, and I are all going together, they said Brianna’s, my mom, dad, and I had seats together, but it was really we had rows vertically together so my dad asked to change and apparently there’s not a lot of people on the flight so the lady said it would be easy so that’s good.

The flight is 8 hours long. I will probably upload at a weird time because of the time different. I have a camera that I’ll be taking pictures of, but I didn’t bring my computer so I’ll only be able to upload the pictures at the end of the trip, but I’ll try and take as many pictures as possible with my phone or iPad so I can upload pictures.


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