Picnic sunset

Vanessa, brianna and I had a picnic the other night and watched the sun set.

This one looks like the us flag.


Chronic Illness Cat

Today I will be talking about good old memes, because who doesn’t love some good memes.

If you haven’t heard of this you must not have a chronic illness, or Pinterest. It is the chronic illness cat which is a meme of a cat face.

You have the nothing last forever, except for chronic illness!

And you have this one. Which is very relatable. We’ll go through a drive through at Walgreens or go inside and sometimes they know us by face or voice.

As a cystic fibrosis person, I have issues with stairs, everything about them especially how they go upward, or downward, or involve anything with climbing.

Then the contemplation between wether or not you want your disease to control your life or you listening to your bodies needs.

Lastly, this one. I’m nauseas basiclly all the time for no reason. I mean there’s obviously a reason I just don’t know it.

That’s all for now,


My illnesses

So I don’t have a lot of illness, but there sure are a few. I have cystic fibrosis, asthma, anxiety, depression, and hypothyroidism. So I’m just going to go a little more in depth with theses.

Starting wit something I talk about a lot on this blog is cystic fibrosis. Cystic fibrosis is a genetic disease that is progressive,terminal, and chronic. Yes all the fancy words. CF causes an overload of mucus in different parts of your body, but is a lung disease. This is caused by a genetic defect that messes up the chloride channels in your body which causes it to not work properly. Therefore the secretions or mucus in the body builds up and is thicker than normal. It mainly affects the digestive system and the lungs. It leads to many hospitalizations and doctors appointments.

Onto the nest thing, asthma. A lot of times cf patients have asthma. It is an inflammation of the bronchioles which causes mucus to possibly build up due to the narrow airways. For me I was already taking albuterol most of my life and was diagnosed after I got asthmatic bronchitis, which was around 3 years or so ago.

Anxiety. A lot of people have general knowledge of what anxiety is. Anxiety is worry, fear, and anxiety that interferes with ones daily life. Symptoms can be excessive stress, worry, and restlessness. For me I get anxiety attacks, social anxiety which is anxiety caused by social interactions causing irrational anxiety, and generalized anxiety. I get anxious in large crowds and near a lot of people, which often leads to anxiety attacks.

Depression. Similar to the last one a lot of people have common knowledge about it. It is a consistent feeling of sadness and disinterest. For awhile I was down and distanced myself, which still happens, but I deal with it. It causes me to shut down and distance myself, stress, mood swings, and other things that I choose not to mention. It sucks basically and stuff.

So last things last, hypothyroidism. It’s where the thyroid gland doesn’t enough thyroid hormone. In my case, it’s genetic, my mom has it. It can cause fatigue,and mood swings. When I was diagnosed I had to get my blood drawn a lot to get my levels checked and for the medication to be tested. All it causes me is to have to take a small pill when I wake up and I can’t eat for a half hour after i take it. The hardest part was the beginning and the very so often check ups and blood draws, but it doesn’t really affect me. Talking about appointments I have my next one next Tuesday and the same week I have clinic Friday.

That’s all for now,


Chronic Illness Fun! A very Sarcastic Post.

If you have a chronic illness, you know that I am being 100% sarcastic when I say how fun it is to have to deal with it. Don’t you just love how adventurous it is, to go through the journey of an illness that just doesn’t go away! Cause I know I do. If you don’t know I have anxiety, depression, and cystic fibrosis. I have a couple other illnesses such as asthma and hypothyroidism, but those don’t affect me, at least as much. So I get to know what it’s like to have all types of illnesses. I got to catch them all.

My cystic fibrosis has caused me to, yet again, get another lung infection. I’m assuming it is a lung infection since I have all of my symptoms of one. Oh and don’t you just love nausea. The feeling of having to puke, especially when it decides to somehow always show up after eating, but also being nauseas all the time.

And the combination of not being able to breathe and the brain fog. If you have a chronic illness you know what I mean by brain fog. The joy of forgetting everything and the weird fatigue is just rejuvenating for the body. It’s a great cleanse!

(By this point please note when I am being sarcastic.)

Oh and to mix it up, just throw in some anxiety and depression into the salad of fun. The anxiety attacks and social anxiety does wonders for the dressing. And to top it off add some nice guilt and sadness.

But don’t forget the positive thoughts.

Why people with a chronic illness cant just push throuhg

I read this article on a website called the mighty called why people with a chronic illness cant simply push through. They wrote a great analogy about what its like to push through with a chronic illness.

It says “Its about like driving your car until it hits empty. I usually stop for gas when I hit the three quarter mark, just to be safe. I could wait until it lands on E, although that is risky.But even once your car is on empty, you usually have a certain amount of gas left. You can risk it and keep driving, but eventually your car will completely stop. When there is no more gas left, your car is not going anywhere no matter how many positive thoughts you have. For people with chronic illness, we tend to live our lives in the space between empty and completely out of gas. Some people learn their limits well enough to stop before they completely run dry, some of us will try to push through until we have literally nothing less.”

It is a great way to explain a limit for people with chronic illnesses. The more you push yourself the less you can do, and once you reach your limit it can take awhile for you to get back to where you originally started.

This can also be compared to the spoon theory where once you use all your spoons you start using them from the next day which lessons the amount you have. Especially on hard days, or when your sick, your energy can wear out faster. Like having an old car or a car that uses up more gas per mile. Your going to hit empty a lot faster than a different car and are going to have to take more time to fill it back up and do it more frequently.

Thats all for now,


Gtube Scheduled

So my gtube surgery is scheduled for the 23 of August. It’s good because it’s sort of towards the end of the summer, but there’s still some summer left.

Anyways today my moms calling u of m to get Brianna and I on oral antibiotics for a lung infection. Yay.

That’s all for now,