Crazy Substitute Teachers-School Stories

We’ve all have our fair share of substitutes to know which ones we like and dislike. There’s the one who will let us do anything, the mean one, the one who’s way to strict, and the randomness goes on.

I once had this sub in 5th grade. At the time we had a student teacher. In our class we had a cabinet full of snacks for people who couldn’t bring them or afford them. This sub, which we only had once, ate all of the. I get maybe one or even two, but the WHOLE CABINET is a little ridiculous. He then proceeded to leave us, a bunch of 5th graders with a student teacher and go to the store. Keep in mind we shouldn’t be left alone with a student teacher because their in training. And two, he didn’t even tell us he was going to leave. When he came back he had a bag of pretzels and bills. He sat at the desk and payed his bills. Like who does that. Oh, but it doesn’t end there.

We had a field day, which we went out near the playground and played a bunch of games. We walked down towards the front of the school to go outside because the sub for some reason didn’t come with us and we had no idea where to go. We got to the front of the school and didn’t know what to do. We walked towards the field where our sub apparently was and just causally asked, “oh, there you are.” Keep in mind when we left the room he was still sitting there eating his pretzels and not paying attention. This is the craziest sub I’ve ever had and we never saw him again.

This next one happend this year. So since me and Brianna have had a rough year of health we were in the same history class together so it was more practical. We were still on homebound and we weren’t really in the class, we would just go to that hour of it. During this time there was a lot of subs.

Now subs usually don’t mention anything, but this one was a little nosy. She took attendance and then asked us why we were in this class. Usually we just said something like oh we moved classes, or this isn’t really our class on our schedule but we go to this one, and the subs would just leave it at that. This one didn’t. She asked us the same thing why are you in this class, and I responded with well we’re not actually in this class we’re just here temporarily. She asked us why and I said because we’re on homebound and stuff and she asked me why 3 more times and I said the same thing. It always annoys me when subs are like this because it’s none of their business and the school or teacher should have notified them or written something down so we wouldn’t have to deal with that. Now I know to just say it’s personal and that it’s none of the business why I’m in which class.


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