Hospital Diaries

I’ve just been playing sims. I forget what day it is, but I’m probably going to get discharged Tuesday.

I have pfts tomorrow and then that determines if we’re getting discharged Tuesday. I’m also getting my dressing changed tomorrow.

Me and my sister filmed a video of us walking around last night, so that was fun. I have a sleep study wensday so i have to come back to u of m the next day after I get discharged.

Nothing else has really been happening. I’ve drawn a bit. My pfts are a bit better also. Right now I’m just watching the secret life of pets and being hooked up to iv antibiotics. I’m excited to get out of here. I’m also excited to go to Paris on the second. We’ve decided to take a train from Paris to London that’s around 2 hours long and stay there for a day or so.

I’m going to take pictures and upload them throughout the trip.


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