Good days and bad days

We all have good and bad days. With an illness it happens too.

On good days I can go to school, do homework, and art. I still don’t feel 100%, but I am still able to function. I might have headache or some light joint pain, but nothing too bad.

On bad days I sometimes can’t go to school. I’ll have no motivation to do art or any hobbies, and barley do homework. When I have bad days it usually tends to be when I’m getting sick, or sometimes I just don’t feel good. On these days I have to take Advil more than once, for headaches and joint pain. You will most likely find this unicorn on the couch watching tv or on my iPad, just trying to sleep. I will be wearing pajamas and fluffy socks, cuddling with my dog.

I might have a bad day because of doing a lot the previous day. For example I might go to classes, hang out with my friends, and do homework, and maybe have a doctors appointment here and there. Doing a lot or even a little more than usual the day before can lead me to be plopped down on the couch for the whole day or two.


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