I’ve written before about clinic, but I’ll go more into depth with this.

Clinic is where you go around every three months to see all of your doctors. During clinic I do pfts, sometimes blood draws, throat cultures, sometimes X-rays, talk to my cf doctor, nutritionist, nurses, sometimes physical therapy,.

With my nutritionist I talk about weight and height gain. She discusses gtube stuff with my sister, and partially me. Asks us how are acid reflux and stomach is. She says what percentile we are for both weight and height.

The physical therapist will talk about exercise, huff coughs, all that Jazz. We don’t see them that often since we see them a lot when we’re in the hospital.

You know how it goes with pfts. You go in this thing that has a machine hooked up to it and it tests your lung capacity and more technical terms I don’t know how to say.

My cf doctor talks about everything. How’s it been going, how are my symptoms, do I need to go or add any medications, etc.

Clinic can take anywhere from 3-6 hours. It takes a long time.

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