Cfrd is Cystic Fibrosis related diabetes. One, is caused by the thick sticky mucus scaring the pancreas. This causes people to not produce a healthy amount of insulin. Additionally people with cfrd might not respond to insulin in the right way, which is called being insulin resistant.

It is common in people with cf especially as they get older.

Starting when people are 10 they have to get glucose tested once every year. Depending on where you get it done they might do it differently. The first time I got tested for it I did it in a place in my town. They drew my blood, then I had to drink this gross liquid that contains a lot of sugar. You have to wait around an hour before you get your blood drawn again. At this place that I got tested they drew my blood three times after being tested, and the person was horrible at it. Keep in mind I was ten and this lady said “I’ve never done this on kids before.” I never went to that place again.

Since then I’ve been tested 2-3 more times. I now get tested at my hospital where they do a much better job. They only draw my blood once before drinking that stuff and once after. So it’s much better. I do not have cfrd, but that can change.

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