Ways to spread awareness

Since cf is not a common disease, not a lot of people know about it. Part of the reason I’m doing this may challenge is to hopefully spread awareness. Every year there is a cf walk. I typically try to go, but this year it was raining so I didn’t go, since it is outside. It’s a get together to donate and spread awareness about it. Different groups will be given recognition for their donations towards a cure. There’s food, and then people walk around a track. Some people bring there dogs. Sadly I can’t pet the dogs though since I don’t want to receive or spread any germs of other people with Cf.

My family does a yearly golf outing at our nearby gold course to help donate and spread awareness. Our family and friends will come and help out. Some donate, we do it where people golf and me, my sister, and dad go around and hand out raffle tickets and take pictures. Once everyone is done golfing we have a silent auction with gift baskets, and then do a raffle for golf gear since a lot of people like to golf.

For more information about cf walks or ways to donate or spread awareness go to cff.org

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