Having cf can lead to some frustration and causes my life some common difficulties. Therefore I do have times where I am not motivated. Sometimes it has to do with health issues. I can have a lack of motivation to do things, like shower, get out of bed, etc. Especially on bad days where I feel worse, I won’t want to do anything rather than sleep, but I have to push myself. I go to school, do homework. I have to stay on top of taking medications and doing treatments so my condition won’t worsen. I also have no appetite and underweight issues, so at times I won’t want to eat or don’t want to eat a lot. I have to push myself to eat more since if I don’t I will lose a considerable amount of weight which can also cause a decline in health.

I will also have problems with motivation towards art or anything I don’t have to do. For instance I don’t technically “have” to do art or my hobbies, unlike my school and medications, it’s a choice which sometimes I don’t choose. Either I’ll not feel well, or I just have no motivation towards doing anything, it does affect me. Art is something I like to do and sometimes it will be frustrating not doing it for awhile due to other things that I need to prioritize.

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