Picc Line/ Port

When i’m admitted I get a picc in my arm since I do iv antibiotics for a couple weeks. I do get put on anesthesia for it, but you don’t have to. I just prefer to be asleep. During the procedure they use a ultrasound to find a good vain the make a small incision in that spot. They place a tube into the vain all the way to your chest. Then, they put sutchers which are like stitches on either side of the picc line.If you are awake for the procedure you do not get sutchers. They put a small bandage over it and then its all done. Every week you have to get the dressing changed, which is the bandage covering the picc over it to keep it from getting infected. You can shower with a picc, but you have to cover it. When I got mine for the first time i used press and seal and wrapped it around the area and secured it with tape. It works, but isn’t the most comfortable. I buy shower covers from amazon and use those instead. Even though you can shower with them, you can not submerge it underwater, so no swimming sadly.When you are done with the course of antibiotics you get it pulled out.

A port is somewhat similar to a picc. It can do the same things.  A port is put in the chest under the skin. You can be put under anesthetics if you like, but a lot of people don’t. I would prefer to go under personally.n If you do wish to be awake they numb the area and give you medication to make you loopy. Like light sedation. Some people fall asleep with it though. I do not have a port. You can access it with a needle. When it is accessed you have to cover it with a plastic thing. It is a more long term option.




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